About Us – Eat Clean Meals

Vicki was fuelled by her love of health, nutrition, sport and fitness. As a former competitive gymnast, swimmer, marathon runner and bodybuilder, Vicki knew what it took to get fit and stay fit. She wanted to share this with others. Vicki has over 15 years experience as a personal trainer and opened Bodyfirst, a personal training studio in Five Dock. Vicki is a busy mum of three children and she spends a lot of her time training clients.

She realised that so many people struggle to consistently shop, cook and eat fresh whole foods as well they don’t get the portion sizes correct or meal timings right. Often they exercise but still don’t see the changes they want in their body because their eating is just not right. In this busy fast paced world we live in, being consistently organised for the week ahead with your meal prep is a real challenge. Vicki created Bodyfirst Eat Clean Meals to help you always eat fresh and right. We can deliver your entire weekly meal prep to you or you can just order your lunches or dinners. It’s a flexible simple service. All meals on the menu suit either lunch, dinner or snack meals and are based on the right macros and portion sizes to optimally tone up your body.

Saves time and money on unhealthy take away’s and frees you up to do other things. Plus if you have kids they often prefer to eat certain things and you can end up cooking two meals, one for them and one for yourself which is very time consuming. 

Living a healthy lifestyle are all about priority and motivation and putting your health first. You only have one body. You live inside it. You need to look after it and live a long quality healthy life. Vicki cuts through the confusion and makes eating clean and healthy tasty and fun. Each month our menu changes so you never get bored and we help you stay on track.

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